What We Do

MainSpring supports clients across development sectors in four core capacities: civil society strengthening; institutional support; gender and youth programming; and professional development. MainSpring guides its clients to achieve the independence and professionalism needed to successfully realize their missions and become drivers of change within their own communities.

Civil Society Strengthening 

MainSpring empowers civil society to become responsible for its own development; optimize resources and leverage them to fashion impactful programming; and, identify, prioritize and achieve strategic goals. MainSpring specializes in grassroots civil society organizations, such as youth groups, community-based volunteer organizations, and rural associations that often operate without formal funding or an organizational mandate. We provide these groups the support they need to develop into sustainable, independent and accountable civil society organizations.

Civil Society Strengthening Activities

  • One-on-One Mentoring: Customized technical assistance following an assessment or based upon request by the client (e.g. proposal and report writing, concept development)
  • Civil Society Clinic©: Workshop-based support in a shared learning environment that promotes equal access to information.
  • Fundraising Drives: Working across public and private funding sources to identify opportunities for clients. Also working with donors to expand their access to local actors for grant-making.
Gender and Youth

MainSpring works with clients to design and implement gender and youth mainstreaming across their programming to better capture their impact and outreach to all beneficiaries. We also conduct leadership activities on international standards for women's participation, citizen rights and responsibilities, and advocacy to promote women in decision-making, women’s rights, and equal access. MainSpring engages in women empowerment initiatives not only as a business but also by volunteering staff time to support women-focused grassroots organizations and advocacy work that aligns with the company’s principles and values.

Gender & Youth Programming

  • Human IntegrationDeveloping holistic strategies to incorporate different perspectives, strengthening interaction, breaking down barriers and providing equitable access to information and resources.
  • Advocacy Planning: Identifying short-term and long-term goals to maximize impact and funding availability.
  • Gender/Youth Assessment: Cross-sectoral approach to gender and youth mainstreaming at the planning stage, implementation stage or evaluation stage of programming.
Institutional Support

MainSpring provides services to organizations and institutions to improve programmatic intervention and operational effectiveness. In-depth and customized institutional/organizational assessments are used to determine the best avenues for technical programming through evidence-based and participatory approaches to capture data, analyze information, provide recommendations and promote knowledge sharing.

Institutional Support Areas

  • Self-Diagnostics and Third-party Capacity AssessmentsMeasuring the overall well-being of an organization’s business acumen.
  • Strategic Planning: Aligning an organizations’ mission, strategic goals, and internal processes.
  • Risk MitigationNavigating through and adapting to fluid circumstances within the operating environment.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring progress, documenting results, and conducting evaluations to address potential changes and overall impact.
Professional Development

MainSpring works with clients to develop skills and learning on the organizational and the individual level. Using adaptive methodologies, we customize our clients’ professional development needs and offer facilitation support in a variety of mediums. MainSpring’s experts in learning and facilitation are able to adapt training content from specialized topic areas into comprehensive learning curriculums.

Professional Development Themes

  • Curriculum Development/Adaptation: Customizing materials from training manuals to facilitators’ notes and other resources for participatory learning.
  • E-Learning: Providing skills training, capacity development and thematic learning through mediums that make learning more accessible.
  • Facilitation: Interactive workshop and group-based learning guided by professional facilitators who bring participants together to learn from one another.