Women Supporting Women

As we’ve just celebrated 2017’s International Women’s Day, and are continuing to honor women through Women’s History Month in the United States, MainSpring would like to take a moment to recognize some of our partners around the world who have inspired us.

Haneen Cultural Forum (originally the Haneen Choir) is an amazing group of women from different backgrounds across Syria who found solidarity in joining together to sing traditional Syrian songs in honor of their homeland. The choir’s founder, Ms. Raja Banout, welcomed Syrians newly arrived in Turkey with open arms, good food and song. Haneen means “nostalgia” and often as the women sing together, you see their tears but also their joy in solidarity. The choir expanded to become the Haneen Cultural Forum to bring women, men and youth together in activities that reflect their shared culture and values, despite the ongoing ravages of war. Haneen now includes a chapter in Germany where some members of the group from Turkey have since moved. For more information about Haneen, please visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haneenculturalforum/

Our friends at The Kuvina Leadership Initiative are doing great work by fostering women and adolescent girls’ ability to strive for higher levels of achievement and challenge gender norms regarding their role in society. This female-led non-profit organization in Zambia is empowering women and adolescent girls by mentoring them in thought leadership, community relationship building, communication and networking, entrepreneurial skills, and wellness habits and techniques that foster positive mind sets and a sense of self-identity. Relying on a great African tradition for self-expression, the organization also uses dance as a tool to promote wellness habits, self-confidence, team building skills and stress relief. If you would like to know more about Kuvina please send us an email to info@mainspringinternational.com.

If you know of or belong to a women’s organization in your community, we would love to get to know you! Please reach out to us by email or social media – we look forward to hearing from you.

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